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Maintenance in Washington State.

Matthew Kaminski, 2019.

How to navigate the Yakima Superior Courthouse.

Matthew Kaminski, 2019

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Parenting Plan Factors.

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What whould you do if you are arrested.

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What's an arraignment hearing?

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We understand that your family is the most important thing in the world. Our experienced attorneys have been fighting to assist parents navigate the legal system and standing up for those who need help. We believe that for many, there is a path through divorce and custody Cases that doesn't require destroying both parties. We offer flat fees for agreed cases, collaborative law or mediation solutions for more complex matters and when all else fails the attorneys are seasoned litigators.

Criminal Representation

Do not let your rights get trampled. As experienced litigators, we are well versed in how to position your case to best maximize your possibilities. We understand that everyone deserves a second chance, and we can fight to make sure one mistake doesn't ruin your entire life!

Civil Representation and More

From Personal Injury, Business Formation to Immigration Law. No matter what your legal issue is, Yakima Law, PLLC will help find a solution. If we cannot assist you ourselves, we will work to get you to someone who can. Yakima Law, PLLC understands that everyone needs a helping hand someitmes, and we have dedicated our practice to helping everyone that we can.

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We offer creative solutions to your legal needs. Whether that's flat fee representation, collaborative law, or creating inovative strategies to solve your case!

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