Born and raised in South Florida, Matthew Kaminski received a degree in History from the University of Florida in 2006. He later earned a Juris Doctorate degree from Florida A&M College of Law in 2009.

Matthew Kaminski has been practicing law since passing the Florida Bar in 2009. He began working at a real estate litigation firm in Plantation, Florida. Mr. Kaminski participated in mediations and civil court practice (including judicial mortgage foreclosure, title actions, and evictions) all over the State of Florida. It was during his two years in practice at this firm where he met his wife, Kim.

In 2011, after his wife had accepted a director position in Seattle, Matthew Kaminski relocated to the Pacific Northwest and was admitted to the Washington State Bar later that same year. Mr. Kaminski went on to open his office in the heart of Belltown at the historic Markham Building on 3rd Ave and Blanchard. In addition to providing quality and affordable legal services through his practice, he has chosen to give back to his new home by volunteering with the King County Bar association’s Housing Justice Project and Kinship Care Solutions Project providing free services to Low-Income clients. Matthew Kaminski also proudly works with the Legal Voice, a women’s rights group benefiting the State of Washington. He is currently the vice president of the Yakima Volunteer Attorney Services Board.

“I’ve always felt that an attorney is measured by what he gives back to the community.

When Mr. Ashby invited him from Seattle to introduce him to his Family Law firm approach, one that merged a caring, client-centric approach with 21st century technology, Matt knew that this firm was ushering him in a new approach to family law and that he wanted to be a part of the Ashby firm “family.” The firm and he share the core belief that no one wins when two parents are pitted against each other, instead he has always striven to find collaborative solutions to difficult problems.

This collaboration conitued until 3/25/2019, when Ashby Law withdrew form the Yakima / Kittitas area. Matthew Kaminski and Brooke Barnes decided to create their own firm to not only focus carrying out the dream of bringing a different approach to family law issues. Yakima Law, PLLC was born out of their desire to help more people, including criminal law and other civil matters.